Saturday, 25 February 2017

Continuation of incubation

Who is my father?

The vestibule of your birth was a Father Karl Fallow, it was just too easy for sister Lisa to tempt him away from his vows, and for that he payed the price.

But your real father, the other half of your dna, is the unholy Lord of hell himself, satan.

Even though he had known her a scant few hours Sam felt closer to this woman than he ever had to anyone before, and he swallowed her hard words but knew them to be truth.

‘we tried so many times before. I tried to carry you to term, as did sister Lisa and sister Michelle. Sister Samantha also tried, but it cost her dearly. The fire from within ate her alive and she died halfway to term. It is for her that you are named. With her dying words she said to me ‘try a man’ so we did, and here you are.

It's been years since we've had any hope, we needed someone to balance the scales in the war, to level the playing field between good and evil, you are that counterweight Sam.

Sam sat listening to Esther story as he munched on his burger, an honest to God burger with ingredients he could actually name. It Tasted so good as the combination of meat and cheese slid down his throat. With each bite his smile grew, and with each sentence from Esther his eyes lit up.

He had always known he was different, but the son of satan different, he never could have dreamed for that.