Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Unfinished idea

Whispers spread like fire,so many curious eyes watching over her as he tests the new limits of her false reality.

Her willpower has astounded even the most hardened, more disturbed among their kind.

She is their entertainment, a piece of meat to be carved before them, turned into something horrifically beautiful.

No turns taken, no line to be queued. She is a special case, one that has escaped them too many times before. Only one has earned the right to carve this naked being into something more deserving their surroundings.

He carves her flesh, moulding it, stretching and folding, piercing it, as minutes stretch to hours.

The hooks pierce her flesh, blood spilling from palid skin, holding her in place.

Needles thread like a surgeons. In and out of her flesh, flickering faster, the blood pours faster, leaving trails like a motorway of blood lanes, crisscrossing all over her pain wracked flesh.

She feels the pain. She knows the torture is eternal. Yet she showed no sign, gave the teacher no pleasure at seeing her pain.

Only her tears betrayed her. Tiny silver rivers, streaming from her eyes, the only proof she felt the tortures he was forcing upon her.

The gathering masses sighed as the stone Tablet turned red. The blood running through rivulets entrained into the table over eternity.

She arcs her back as his wicked knife plunges through her musculature. Severing tendons and splitting bone. She bites back a scream as the cruel blade pierces through the other side of her arm.

Closing her eyes to the horror being inflicted upon her, she searches her mind for a happier place, a safer place to hide from the pain.

Content in the knowledge that she was hurting, the teacher smiles a grim grin. Adjusting his grip on the blade, he sets to work sawing through the rest of the arm.

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