Friday, 30 September 2016

The turn

Sheets covered in gore
The blood flowed free
Walking with the dead
Through the misted trees

Nervous as I walk
They moan and groan
Limbs drop as leaves
My chances are blown

Legs stumble and fall
I scream in shock
The creatures they come
Starting to flock

My body is stone
I lay frozen in fear
The dead draw closer
My eyes shed a tear

They grasp and grab
Fingers tear deep inside
Internal blood flows free
My life is denied

The tear and they eat
Flesh ripped from bone
My screams sound so weak
I can never go home

My life is over
My body is empty
The dead lust is sated
Nothing left but a testi

An undead March
My moan joins their tone
We walk on in the night
I want flesh on the bone

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