Friday, 30 September 2016

Work musings

So yesterday at work three words popped into my head....
Flesh to plastic.

I wrote them in my ideas pad, not knowing  what or where they sprung from.
Then throughout the rest of the day I pondered them.
Underneath those 3 words I then preceded to write...
In that order.
And so my idea evolved.

What if a serial killer had kidnapped someone, then Stockholm syndrome sets in and they end up taking them on as a student.
Bringing home victims to his/her protégé and teaching them torture.

But then I thought what if the killer was actually a teacher? What if it wasn't one person he was teaching, but a class of prospective killers?
A school for serial killers?

What would happen if the exams were so harsh that whoever got the lowest grade was used in the next test? Survival of the fittest in a school that's killer.

This is an idea I shall be working upon after I've finished my recent submission.

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